Over the last month or so we have had a raft of cases at RBS/ NatWest teams in Birmingham and Rotherham that had gone cold over the last 4 to 5 years coming alive again.

RBS/ NatWest have had a chequered history with regard to their debt collection process since 2008, closing their Telford office and moving most cases to their new centre in Birmingham and their offices in Rotherham taking more cases on.

The case workload at both offices until last year seem to over-run them as we filed multiple complaints with regards to their and their agents/solicitors debt collection process, such as failure to respond to correspondence and escalation of matters whilst dialogue was in process or ignoring communications.

Things at RBS/ NatWest have improved considerably (although by no means perfect) but the digging up of old cases is a reflection of a trend we have been seeing over the last 16 months or so;

Such as Barclays closing their Borehamwood debt management office, cases from Basingstoke office had reduced, whilst their Cardiff office is taking on larger cases than they had before.

The number of cases we see from LloydsTSB (assuming we are talking about debt that existed before the bank was split) Bristol debt collection office has reduced significantly, in particular in relation to business debt supported by charges on property.

Of course the publicity surrounding the action of the banks, in particular LloydsTSB and RBS/ NatWest as set out in a recent Panorama programme may be another factor in that these banks maybe more cautious in their collection process on old debts.

However, the general reduction in cases across all the banks would indicate that is more likely to be the case the banks have exhausted the amount of old collections they can pursue.

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