We provided an update in March with respect to the newly formed “HSBC Repayment Services”, based in Birmingham (phoenix out of the old Metropolitan Collection Services), and since then their practices have only become more dysfunctional. 

HSBC Repayment Services appear to have absolutely no regard for the Debt Collection Guidance to which they are obliged to comply with; this is the guidance used by the OFT in 2012 to threaten RBS with a withdrawal of their consumer credit licence if they did not change their practices. 

Multiple breaches include no provision for inbound or outbound emails or outbound faxes; inbound communications not received by the intended recipient on a recurring and persistent basis, direct and persistent communication with debtors despite the appointment of agents, informing debtors that agents letters of authority expire after three months when they clearly do not, use of overseas based call centres whose staff are not familiar with debt collection protocols and no provision of an effective complaints process. 

It was difficult enough to deal with the long-standing Indian based team and the setting up of this department was obviously an attempt to provide a more effective UK based service. 

Well, HSBC Repayment Services have actually managed to be more dysfunctional than the team they were attempting to supplement or replace!

Hard to believe. Lets see if they can get their act together some time.


19 July By Mel Loades

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