PBC Business Recovery set out findings of Personal Guarantee research undertaken by Wirefund

Gary Pettit and Gavin Bates of PBC, based in Northampton, have set out this research undertaken by Wirefund as to the lack of understanding by business owners and managers of what a Personal Guarantee even is.
PBC’s article on this can be read by clicking HERE

Just as PBC see this when they help businesses and individuals with insolvency issues, we also see the same in helping people mitigate the claim after the Personal Guarantee is called.

Although the report reflects on the fact that almost all business funding of this type requires Personal Guarantees, there is a lot that can be done to mitigate the risk before signing the Personal Guarantee and you can find out more by clicking HERE or calling us on 020 7754 3662


18 January By Mel Loades



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