Inappropriate collection processes: Introduction

Despite some shocking stories in the news, for the most part banks, solicitors and debt collection agencies play reasonably fair; some fairer than others it must be said.

There are frequent examples of individual case managers having reputations for being unreasonable. Dealing with so many cases across organisations we are in a position to identify these persons relatively quickly and adopt processes and lines of communication to work around them.

Following this introduction we will release a series of three examples we have experienced over the last nine years, over 2,000 cases; as stated above these sorts of abuses are reasonably rare. The downside is that when they do occur because of an organisational issue we often have to accumulate evidence of between 10 and 20 cases before the organisation sits up and takes action.

Example 1: Solicitors not acting on bank instructions

Example2: Bank debt collection department systematically abusing debt collection procedures



10 August By Mel Loades

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