Confidentiality Agreement

On the subject of the Client supplying information, business plans, training, handbooks, copies
of documents, specifications, drawings, access to consultants/researchers etc. during the
course of our involvement we hereby confirm as follows:

1. That all information whenever disclosed by the Client to us shall remain the property of the
Client and on the termination of our interest we will on request return all information to the Client
and shall at the same time if requested hand over to the Client written confirmation that all
documents, specifications, know-how, information handbooks and drawings relating to the
information in our possession have been returned to the Client or have been destroyed.

2. We will not use the information for any purpose other than in connection with our involvement
with the Client and on its behalf. We shall keep all information secret and confidential. We shall
not without consent of the Client communicate or allow to be communicated any confidential
information to anyone, except as otherwise authorised by the Client.

3. On the termination of our involvement we shall forthwith cease all further use of the

4. We confirm our acceptance of retention by the Client of all the Client's existing rights and

5. Our agreement to the confidentiality aspect of this agreement is subject to:
(i) Any information becoming common knowledge
(ii) The information contained in individual patent applications being published

When any of the above two possibilities occur then we may regard as ceasing to be confidential
information only to the extent that i) or ii) has occurred.

2 September 2014