Why Personal Guarantee

The No.1 performing service provider in helping clients with Personal Guarantees.

We are experts in dealing with every aspect of Personal Guarantees. We offer help to clients in understanding the implications of signing guarantees, whether this is relation to a bank, asset lease, director guarantee, invoice finance, trade supplier, crowd funding loan or property lease; helping to avoid the potential woes of Personal Guarantees.

Our expertise and proven success underpins the support we provide to clients when a Personal Guarantee is called in.

With an impressive track record we are confident in being able to offer help and advice to all business owner and professionals that we deal with.

We have achieved extensive client success.

  • Average settlement of 29%
  • £11million debt restructured
  • Cases from £1k to £10 million
  • £52 million of guarantees managed

There are a number of areas where our expertise can help in regard to personal guarantees, see the scope of our services below:

Our latest statistics: we have helped hundreds of people deal with over £52 million of personal guarantees over the last five years and, of this total, £12.3 million have been settled for £3.6 million with an average settlement rate of 29% (and a further £11 million of debt restructured to avoid the personal guarantees being called). We have helped with personal guarantees from as small as £1,000 to more than £10 million.